The Misfits (1961)-John Huston directs Eli Wallach!

Born 12/7- Eli Wallach-Loved his performance in John Huston’s The Misfits (1961) as Guido the cowboy pilot who so touchingly misses his late wife!


Home of The Brave (1949)-Powerful classic with James Edwards, Lloyd Bridges, Jeff Corey!

Always admired the much underrated actor James Edwards- When I was a kid watching Home of The Brave (1949) again and again on TV’s Million Dollar Movie on NY television I knew he was very special. Now I yearn to view again the touching scenes Edwards as Pvt. Peter Moss had with screen greats Lloyd Bridges and Jeff Corey.


Mrs.Miniver (1942)- Wyler directs Henry Travers, Teresa Wright, Dame May Whitty, Walter Pidgeon, and Greer Garson!

A TCM perennial I always look forward to seeing again : Mrs.Miniver (1942)-Oscar winning here director William Wyler’s camera (always in the right position) further enhanced the great performances of: Henry Travers as the rose growing station master Mr. Ballard; Teresa Wright as the lovely bride; Dame May Whitty as the proud but heart of gold Lady Beldon; Walter Pidgeon as Clem Miniver; and most of all Greer Garson in the title role personalizing the dangers faced by the WW II British Home front.

Phantom Lady (1944) -Robert Siodmark directs Ella Raines, Elisha Cook Jr., Franchot Tone in a NOIR masterpiece

On TCM Sat 12/3/16- Phantom Lady (1944) -Another creative NOIR filmed in German Expressionistic style directed by the great Robert Siodmark where in a plot to clear her boss of a murder charge secretary Carol “Kansas” Richman (played by the beautiful Ella Raines) entices shady drummer Cliff (played to perfection by movies most prolific murder victim: Elisha Cook Jr.). Catch Franchot Tone here like you never seen him before.