The Strawberry Blonde (1941)- James Cagney, Rita Haywood, Oliva De Havilland

On TCM 10/17/16- A saga set in the 1890’s you will be singing aloud about before you know it: Raoul Walsh’s The Strawberry Blonde (1941) where Jack Carson (Hugo Barnstead) crosses James Cagney (Biff Grimes) in love (with local beauty Rita Haywood) and frames him in business for being a Cosigner to some crooked real estate deals. Biff goes to jail (lets the world pass him by for few years) and while being constrained in prison studies Dentistry. Years later now ex-con Biff gets his revenge on Jack Carson by constraining him on the dentist chair-And most of all Cagney wins in love by being happily married to the beautiful and kind Oliva De Havilland. Along the way catch great character actors: George Tobias in yet another ethnic role as a Greek barber; Alan Hale Sr. as yet another colorful movie dad; and later TV Superman George Reeves as a tough neighbor bold enough to pick a fist fight with Cagney.      



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