The Furuya Sisters and Rudolf Golez- A 2015 Musical Event Fondly Remembered

At The Furuya Sisters Season Opening Concert Series Fall 2015- it was wonderful to hear the beautiful music played world class musicians who are also very kind gracious people!

There was a very informative pre-concert talk led by Harumi Furuya and Rudolf Golez that clearly set the stage for the great artistry to follow.

Mimi Furuya opened the evening with a J. S. Bach Suite for Solo Cello that sang with the rich tunes of 6 baroque dances of varying moods.. Sakiko played a beautiful Chopin piano piece and then Harumi showed us what lovely tones she could get out of her solo violin playing a J. S Bach Allemanda-and before the evening was over our ears would be treated to a trio for piano, violin and cello by Tchaikovsky. A very well planned concert!

And as a bonus we heard an brilliant interpretation of Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 8 in A minor by guest Rudolf Golez that was a very artistic rending of the composer’s mood changes.

I cannot wait for the next Furuya Sisters concert.



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