Ray Collins -Key roles in Citizen Kane (1941) and The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)

The much underrated Ray Collins plays low keyed but crucial roles enhancing classic movies and later television shows such as….

  • Citizen Kane (1941) he plays political opponent Jim Gettys who successfully blackmails Kane (Orson Wells) into withdrawing from politics.
  • Leave Her to Heaven (1945) he plays Cornell Wilde’s very mild attorney who is eyewitness to the Noir descent of his client via the temptation of Ellen (Gene Tierney).            
  • The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) he plays bank manager Mr. Milton concerned that employee Al Stephenson (Fredric March) is granting risky GI Bill loans.                 
  • Perry Mason TV series (1957-1966) he is Lt. Arthur Tragg a very professional homicide detective of great integrity respected by the famous attorney played by Raymond Burr.


  • images-ray-collins-kaneimages-ray-collins-twoimage-ray-collins-four 


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