The Body Snatcher (1945) -Boris Karloff’s taunting cabman!

A TCM Halloween perennial – The Body Snatcher (1945), a Val Lewton produced horror film where master director Robert Wise fills the screen in NOIR style with screen greats: Bela Lugosi in a striking cameo as the doctor’s servant Joseph; Henry Daniell as ruthless Dr. MacFarlane and Boris Karloff in an all-time great performance as John Gray, the taunting local cabman/body snatcher whom the doctor could “never get rid of.” We have the NOIR streetcar to doom here-only it is a horse drawn carriage!

images the-body-snatcher-boris-karloff-1945images body-snatcher-boris-karloff-bela-lugosi-henry-daniell-1945


One thought on “The Body Snatcher (1945) -Boris Karloff’s taunting cabman!”

  1. Excellent and veeery scaaary movie! Love Bela Lugosi’s face in this picture… and the incomparable Mr. Karloff! Good TCM choice for a rainy evening!

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