On The Waterfront (1954) -“more pigeons in those days.”

On TCM Friday 8/5/16 – I don’t like the country-the crickets get me nervous.”- In Elia Kazan’s masterpiece On the Waterfront (1954) city tough guy Terry Malloy (Oscar winner here Marlon Brando) fights to survive in a tough urban waterfront environment of the real life location of Hoboken, NJ just across the river from Manhattan. As a former resident during the 1980’s of this square mile city it was heartening to see Brando and the also Oscar winning here Eva Maria Saint get to know each other in the urban park in front of Our Lady Of Grace Church on Willow Ave and in Elysian Park on Hudson St. and for the action to unfold (which also included the Oscar nominated here Karl Malden as Father Barry) in front of that striking wrought iron fence bordering the New York cityscape. And note that in the early 1950’s there were only a handful of rooftop TV antennas so close to the Empire State building-there were more pigeons in those days!

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